Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How Seven Amazing Changes via E-commerce Help Smart Affiliate Marketers Make Money

We are in the midst of a profound structural shift from physical to digital retail and it's happening faster that I could have imagined ... Jeff Jordans

"The retail industry is undergoing a dramatic shift: E-commerce is capturing a larger share of sales than ever before."  Business Insider Intelligence

Smart, far-sighted thinkers will see the internet is in a constant state of evolution in communication, culture and commerce.  They will want to start to monetize these trends and get a piece of internet profits.  More narrow-minded thinkers will revert to a simple viewpoint this is only about "online shopping for shoppers only"... not my kind of physical distribution of a real product.

Here are 7 major changes (out of 70 slides) that may well impact your thinking about the increasing value of e-commerce and the right time to check out a unique way to capitalize on these huge trends.  

  1. New definition of retail - how to offer people the services and products they want on the devices and media they use.
  2. The old retail model is dying - fast! Hundreds of stores are closing (major ones include Barnes and Noble, GAP, Abercrombie and Finch, Staples, JCPenney, Sears, etc.)
  3. The shoppers are changing their locations to Amazon, E Bay, Wayfair, Zulily, Overstock.com, blue nile, rakuten, Alibaba Group, Birchbox, Snapdeal.com, etc.
  4. Shoppers are  buying - everything - consumer electronics, books, office supplies, pet supplies, sporting,  hobby goods, appliances, home furnishing, clothing and accessories, health and personal care, luxury goods and recently, food and beverages.
  5. Percentage of retail sales attributable to online in merchandise categories  is 60% and growing.  52% of retail sales are web influenced even offline.
  6. Shift to online retail is global with the Middle East, China and India leading the pack.
  7. E-commerce helps to fulfill what customers want in their shopping experiences: Convenience and Low Cost
  •  toll-free live customer service for more individualized services and offers
  • easy to use website
  • flexible return policy - pickup or return at the store  
  • free shipping
  • low prices and best deals
  • buy things on mobile devices

Perhaps, these 7 huge factors will suffice enough to show that the biggest Shift in Wealth in our History is taking place right now and most people don't even realize it is taking place. There is no recession the money is just moving to different industries. 

If curious to see how you can harness these Internet Profits, then check out this brief overview:   
Questions and comments are always welcome. What positive online shopping experiences can you share versus offline shopping troubles?

Who do you know likes to save money and make money online?.

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PPS: Do you want more statistics, facts and predictions? You can watch an entire slideshow highlighting the retail categories where e-commerce is having the most impact, and where there is still opportunity for disruption. The shift away from physical retail toward digital retail is happening faster than many observers expected.

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