Monday, March 31, 2014

Will Your Life Raft of Habits Sink or Swim in Vast E-Commerce River and Business Changes

“Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses … it’s progressing ...Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set … 20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower. I don’t think people have that in their mental model.” Bill Gates

Sometimes a physical analogy can best describe the enormous booming changes in our business and marketplace reality with serious consequences for our participation.

Picture three things: a life raft, a river and a potential fortune on the other side

Picture #1:  a raft - your personal life raft - Label it HABITS

You already know how habits have shaped your life. You can add labels that describe your habits:  bad habits or events, good habits,  procrastination, addictions (cigarettes, food, alcohol), debts, overwhelm, risk, status quo, entrepreneurship, financial security, etc.

Picture #2: Now picture the dramatic reality of a River called E-Commerce

E-commerce is disrupting so many traditional ways of doing business as shoppers change their social and shopping habits to more sales and discounted services online. This massive trend is rolling through the  environment with a current nearly 2 trillion dollar force and burgeoning by 20% every year and  is expected to reach a flood stage of 10 trillion dollars in the next 5 to 10 years  The biggest Shift in Wealth in our History is taking place right now and most people don't even realize it is taking place. There is no recession the money is just moving to different industries. The river did not dry up it just changed course yet people are still trying to fish in a dry lake bed.

Picture #3: Potential fortunes are already being earned

Network Marketing have time-proven principles which are in place to make fortunes available on the other side by affiliate marketers (e-preneurs) who learn how to harness this unprecedented power of E-Commerce Profits

One direct sales, network marketing company offers these benefits:

  • NO product to sell,  FREE app to give away.
  • NO shipping … digital distribution globally.
  • Make money through building a team.
  • End users SAVE time and money.
  • Very low running costs.
  • Don't have to be a networker to make huge money.
  • What the Industry has been waiting for where consumer always wins.

So, back to your personal life raft of habits bobbing up and down on this ever-changing, ever- growing E-Commerce River.  Do you think it is wise to be loaded with bottles and boxes of things most people can buy at far cheaper prices online?

Or, do you think there is justifiable wisdom to check out some domain knowledge that underlies these huge trends including Mobile E-Commerce with one guiding company and leadership?

Show me any other experienced network marketing business plugged into E-Commerce with a knowledgeable pilot who brings life-long domain knowledge to his job to help entrepreneurs to make money online.  It takes trust in team work and guidance and maybe a little guts to take your raft into this disruptive river, but once you're there, you will better see what's coming and see what matters.

In fact, if you're still standing on the shore watching this rising river, it is only because your raft is still build from old habits. The first thing you need to do is let go of overwhelm and create one new habit and that is start to save money on your regular purchases by using this free App.  As your savings accumulate, you will change your routines and habits to match the rewards. Next step is to learn how to make some serious money by sharing this savings App.

Do you think this is true? Some people are never successful because they are too worried about the mechanics of everything, too worried about correcting everyone else, too worried about what everything looks like. Don't over think this. Just go get two people who like to save money and make money online. 

Before you know it, you, too, will be riding high on the E-Commerce River to a potential fortune, like others are doing.

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Start to enjoy daily savings. What perfect timing, perfect trends and business opportunity for the ride of a lifetime!

Questions and comments are always important. I look forward to learning more about your experiences and aspirations and even pointers about raft-building habits in the future!

Annemarie and Don
Power Team Marketing

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"The next ten years will be the Golden Era for E-Commerce" Michael Wiedder


Saturday, March 29, 2014

E-Commerce Storm - Wait and Watch or Get Early Position for Massive Impact - What Trivial Excuses?

Let’s face it. Job security just does not exist anymore. 

Even with slow improvements in the economy, there are far more qualified candidates out there than there are good jobs. The next internet Gold Rush is E-Commerce trends and now you can profit - we make it simple and unique with proven personal value before you "join" anything.

You cannot turn on the news without seeing something about E-Commerce. In my opinion, there are a lot of narrow-focused excuses short-changing the new internet evolution which can be termed the Golden Age of E-Commerce

It is amazing to think that people who can be considered to have business sense are thinking about a "wait and watch" strategy. Keep "waiting and watching" because the new e-preneurs and social web evolution is coming anyway, with or without you. 

Sherlock Nation is on the rise! 

E-preneurs make money helping people save money.

Just some of the Retail Stores closing and transitioning to Online Sales ... Radio Shack, JCPenney, Target, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Kohls, Dicks, Wal Mart/Sams, Sears, Macy's.  FedEx & UPS could not deliver all gifts by Christmas because their annalist underestimated how big online shopping was going to be.  

Currently, E-Commerce is a Trillion Dollar Industry and projected to grow 20% a year for the next 5 to 10 years … the Golden Age of E-Commerce.  Get yourself a position ASAP - why watch and wait. 

Register for your free App and prove personal savings value for your family today.

Still want to "wait and watch", then check out more third-party evidence.

Save US Jobs Level Playing Field between Online Retailers and Brick and Mortar Retail

USA Today: Major Retailers Store Closings March 12, 2014 

The Coming Storm of E-Commerce. We are all going to be impacted by this trend.

Of course, it is your choice and/or excuse to watch and wait. But why wear blinders? Excuses look so trivial in front of this massive impact for everybody.

Some people are never successful because they are too worried about the mechanics of everything, too worried about correcting everyone else, too worried about what everything looks like. Don't over think this. 

Just go get two people who like to save money and make money online. 

Start with this 1 minute buzz video

Questions and comments are always welcome,

Annemarie and Don
Start Smart Savings Home Business
PowerTeam Marketing
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How Mainstream Can Monetize Major Internet Trends and New Wealth Transition

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How can mainstream monetize it? 

A short-sighted excuse may be you are not familiar with Shopping Sherlock and Michael Wiedder, CEO of Shopping Sherlock. A short-worded assumption is this is like the others.

However, would you be  interested in learning how to make money online by plugging into the major trends on the internet where 1/10 of 1% market share equals one billion dollars in a compensation plan that pays back 68% commissions and bonuses to its distributors?

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This new exciting webinar has TWO goals for Shopping Sherlock:

  1. Make this unique business as simple and duplicatable as possible for the mainstream public - make money helping people save money
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This new exciting webinar shows an incredible vision for the next predicted billion dollar company going into hypergrowth stages where potential fortunes will be made online. 

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Annemarie and Don
Start Smart Savings Home Business
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"The next ten years will be the Golden Era for E-Commerce" Michael Wiedder

How to Position Tipping Point Internet Business for Momentum Profits This Year

How to Position Tipping Point Internet Business for

 Momentum Profits This Year

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To our mutual "tipping point" momentous success in 2014 and beyond,

Start Smart Savings Home Business Mentor
Power Team Marketing

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PS: This transfer of wealth from physical stores to the Internet constitutes the greatest shift of wealth in the history of the world.

Large companies like Amazon, eBay and Google are not the only ones who can profit from this transfer of wealth. The e-Commerce marketplace is expected to surpass 2 trillion in 2013. Our company is positioned in front of this massive trend.

"The next ten years will be the Golden Era for E-Commerce" Michael Wiedder