Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Serious Networkers Can Make Money with Online Shopping Revolution & Brilliant E-Commerce Business

Clearly, a number of industries need to retool in order to adapt to this acceleration in the rise of on-demand, online consumer preferences.  Technology is deflationary, universal price-comparison ability is deflationary and excess store capacity should be deflationary, both for retail prices and perhaps store rents...Michael Santoli

The online shopping revolution - is the consumer industry prepared for it?

This is the sub- title of a brilliant article which provides as much evidence as you need to show that the growth in e-commerce has indisputably disrupted the familiar shopping economy:
(read the entire article below)

  • Visits to retail stores during the holiday-shopping season collapsed, even when shopping sales grew by close to 5%.
  • Huge companies struggled even with heavy discounts: Best Buy, Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s - many trimmed their physical presence and  employees.
  • Customer traffic has slid dramatically in strip malls as well - no need to walk the aisles of a store as often as before.
  • Less customer traffic (diners) at inhouse restaurant chains over the years. There are too many locations and more people are choosing to take what they want “to go” or getting deliveries to their home.
  • The concentrated surge in online buying over the holiday season buckled the package-delivery infrastructure … miscalculated enormous demand.
  • UPS said despite having added 85,000 seasonal workers – 30,000 more than the prior year – the company performance was undercut “by the challenges of the compressed peak season coupled with an unprecedented level of online shopping" 

BOTTOM LINE: Technology has made comparison shopping, price-matching and value pricing virtually mandatory.

The online shopping revolution is here whether retailers and the consumer industry, in general, are prepared for it.  But what about entrepreneurs and network marketers, like you and me? Are we ready?   Can we make money from this online shopping revolution?

Absolutely! With One Brilliant Business Plugged Into E-Commerce Trends! 

It is a common fact that at times of disruption and wealth transition of this scale, true entrepreneurs can make fortunes with the right programs and systems.

According to the Experts, our company is positioned before huge major trends in E-Commerce and has already shown top performance status in the network marketing industry.

Do you want your share of this online shopping revolution? Act today.

How would an additional $500 to a $1000 a month change your life. Let's set that as immediate goal and build from there. There is a way to get that and more by just finding two people and duplicating that process for 12 weeks. How much can you realistically  make - enough to walk away from your job, if you want to. 

Watch this one minute video and request more details.

I look forward to learning more about your experiences and online expectations. Who do you know likes to save money and make money online?

We believe in your brilliant online future,
Annemarie and Don
Power Team  Marketing
Mobile Contacts 

PS:  If you're not happy with your current income, if you're tired of chasing Internet Marketing riches, or if you're just looking for a serious add-on income, you deserve to find out how money is being created in a new way and a new  E-Commerce Age.

Timing in business is everything. Even more important than talent. "Timing trumps talent." Do you say that you may have less talent than many, but better timing than most?

PPS:  Our company helps people save money on online purchases that they would make anyway. Our product saves them time and money to price compare on their favorite products and services. What's even more brilliant, our business allows consumers to finally be on the other side and earn commissions from sharing this service. 

You can read the full article from Finance.Yahoo for all the details here: Online Shopping's Rise Somehow Sneaks Up On Retailers - and Consumers Win

"The next ten years will be the Golden Era for E-Commerce" Michael Wiedder


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