Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shocking MLM Home Business Reality Meets Disruptive Internet Technology 

It is a known fact now that the evolving internet technology
is disrupting many traditional industries. The traditional MLM industry 
is no exception. However, I was totally shocked to the disruptive extent  
which underlies serious trends and logical possible risks. 

Because of internet technology we are entering a stage of a
collaborative marketplace which is basically an online exchange 
that allows sellers to offer their goods and services, and for 
buyers to obtain information and purchase offerings directly. 

These marketplaces enable the crowd to get what they need
from each other … bypassing corporations.

For example, one report states that the following businesses are
witnessing disruptions at various levels: 

Transportation, hospitality, tourism, newspaper classified ads, 
staffing & human resources, design print media, consumer packaged goods,
even banks and more. ( See the link below for the article.)

How do these changes apply to the MLM home business industry?

Traditionally, the MLM industry initiated the natural wellness 
marketplace - be healthy and wealthy with well-researched, 
health products of superior quality and justifiable higher prices.

They were not to be displayed and/or sold to the general public
in any business or commercial outlet, online, eBay, Internet store 
fronts with the exception of the corporately-hosted Brand Partner
Web sites.

To stay active in a company and collect a residual income, 
home business owners were required to reorder product every 
month often amounting to between $100 and $200.
For many "brand partners" networkers, it was a losing proposition
to keep recruiting new members in order to pay off their monthly 
reorder and overhead expenses which could outstrip their income. 
Therefore, sustainability became a problem.

Well, here is how rapidly changing technology is now disrupting
the MLM wellness industry! Who do you know who distributes 
these kinds of products, exceptional as they well may be?

You can buy most well known MLM wellness products 
online minus the networking commission structures! 

Check Amazon.com and enter any MLM product you want and see
major discounts on many of them! Personally, I was shocked into 
a reality I didn't really want to believe.

Some far-sighted companies have already started to brand their 
compensation program with more affiliate marketing terms than
network marketing terms, to better describe their advanced 
business model in this changing collaborative marketplace.

Bottom line, if you are a MLM wellness networker, you can ignore it, 
and hope digital technology leaves your products to independent distribution.
 It is easy to avoid or underestimate its intervention. 
The risks are that, if it doesn’t go away, then your networking company
and your efforts may will be behind those that have already adopted this.

Personally, I made a choice six years ago to switch to a MLM 
network marketing company which promoted one digital software
product that capitalizes on the growing internet trends of 
e-commerce and mobile commerce. 

After all, this is the Digital Age! Why not diversify your distribution channels
with a perfect product at the right time and place for home business in the new collaborative marketplace of the future.

Check out this short video here. 

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PS: Read more about what to do if collaborative economy marketplaces are 
disrupting your business. 

 PPS: If curious how this juxtaposed distribution works, check out a wellness company that has adapted to affiliate status and commissions minus no recruiting

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