Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Mainstream Can Monetize Major Internet Trends and New Wealth Transition

"We are becoming a billion dollar company.  Don't just sit back and watch this happen.  Make it happen for you and your family!"  Michael Wiedder, CEO of Shopping Sherlock

This new exciting webinar shows how you can monetize Major Trends on the Internet and New Economy Wealth Transition. The only reason you may decide not to watch it is exactly the reason why YOU should -  

What in the world is happening on the internet?

How can mainstream monetize it? 

A short-sighted excuse may be you are not familiar with Shopping Sherlock and Michael Wiedder, CEO of Shopping Sherlock. A short-worded assumption is this is like the others.

However, would you be  interested in learning how to make money online by plugging into the major trends on the internet where 1/10 of 1% market share equals one billion dollars in a compensation plan that pays back 68% commissions and bonuses to its distributors?

If curious or interested how this technology saves money for every family and how mainstream can make money, please listen to Michael Wiedder's recent webinar:

Some details you will learn:

  • Easy to use mobile App launch with geotarget locations for Local coupons plus National Daily Deals
  • Affiliate tracking to make usage income as well as promotional tool
  • Back Office with Personal Enrollment Activity Report and Banked Volume to Infinity
  • Definitive Sherlock Savers site with savings, co-branding, coupon-making,  blogging platform, etc. 
  • Single sign-in to social media - good friends don't let friends pay top prices
  • Home services with mobile wireless products and best local deals for TV and internet
  • Continued Travel Discount Services 

This new exciting webinar has TWO goals for Shopping Sherlock:

  1. Make this unique business as simple and duplicatable as possible for the mainstream public - make money helping people save money
  2. Simplify the message with intuitive tools to increase user engagement to build back end income by sharing a free App.

This new exciting webinar shows an incredible vision for the next predicted billion dollar company going into hypergrowth stages where potential fortunes will be made online. 

Let me you know what you liked about this amazing webinar.

Ask how you can also start to profit from huge internet trends with 
a free search engine App to prove personal value first.

Make sure you understand how simple and people-friendly our marketing plan is ...
with or without internet marketing technical skills or experience. 

Welcome to a brilliant future with Shopping Sherlock ...
with or without you.

Annemarie and Don
Start Smart Savings Home Business
Power Team Marketing

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PS: What you don't know may prove to be hazardous to your financial future.

For example, do you know how much the monthly subscription is to participate in this incredible vision? You will be amazed again. 

Think twice about missing out on an opportunity that can set your family free from financial stress because no family should be disenfranchised from participating in the future of Internet Profits.

"The next ten years will be the Golden Era for E-Commerce" Michael Wiedder

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